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Incorporated business in August 2015, as a wholly Bumiputera-owned company, to provide an end-to-end licensed Telecom and Broadband Network services Operator using VSAT. In terms of the economics of this evolution, our revenue since 2016 has being always on the up trend which has prompted us to invest consistently in research & development. Our investments in technology partnership has brought various achievements and helped us to make a breakthrough in offering wide range of end user services.

The promise of “quality connectivity” has become a reality faster than many of us expected. The evolution of our business model across the digital divide has shifted in our favour more quickly than we forecasted, resulting more upside in the business than ever before domestically.

Continuous improvements in our services has been a key component in our success. Done correctly, it drives organic growth, lower gross margin, lower SAC, lower churn and higher lifetime value.

With the telecommunications network readiness we also see a great opportunity to offer services as a neutral host to the telco’s and content players looking out for bandwidth and capacity.

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As part of diversification and expansion, vertical focus companies were formed to manage the business efficiently with proper governance.

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