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The Digital Backbone

Lautan Variasi is ready to service end-to-end technology solutions which runs and operates a Software-driven 5G ready 4G solution. It’s a software driven that results in lower CapEx and much lower OpEx. This great innovation comes with great association which has enabled to create a focused software based products for last mile Radio Access Network. It spans across the software for Baseband and Radios to address deployments for 5G, 4G, IoT and Edge Processing. The services brings efficiency with extreme flexibility.

The promise of “quality connectivity” has become a reality faster than many of us expected. The evolution of our business model across the digital divide has shifted in our favour more quickly than we forecasted, resulting more upside in the business than ever before domestically.

Easy deployment of a multi-access architecture with software, and upgradeability for future 3GPP releases.

5G NFV, and multi-access RAN orchestration at the Edge using shared infrastructure. Self organizing and remote monitoring reduce OpEx by large margins while reducing downtime massively.

Same stack for 4G or 5G

Cloud-native architecture across all components brings 5G-like benefits to 4G (with low latency and network slicing)







Turnkey Solution

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virtualised RAN

The evolved RAN architecture,designed with cloud-native virtualization techniques, enables the RAN to flex and adapt based on usage and coverage. This flexibility provides expanded and more convenient network location choices for the baseband processing.


There is a need for a New Radio evolution to improve spectral efficiency and superior network capacity. This evolution starts with 5G NR (New Radio) which is the new standard for 5G wireless technology capable of a much faster, efficient and scalable network.


We provide Radio products and complete infrastructure solutions, from lab environment to field deployment, to create 4G/5G wireless networks for a wide range of applications, such as :Cellulars Networks, Tactical / Emergency Networks (PMR / Military), Private Networks, Railway Networks, Last Mile Radio We have a broad portfolio of units - high power outdoor units, active units for indoors. We support multi-operator mode.


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